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Lovely as a Tree aims to enable and inspire graphic designers to make more environmentally friendly choices in their work.


In order to remain impartial, Lovely as a Tree is completely independent. However, we now charge an admin fee of £90 to each printer or paper merchant for listings of products or services that reach our strict criteria.


The information on this site has been thoroughly checked by industry experts (see credits below).






Thank you to the following people who have checked the copy and made suggestions:


James Horne at the WWF UK Forest & Trade Network

Beck Woodrow at the FSC (the Forest Stewardship Council)

Claire Taylor (Environmental advisor to the print and paper industry)

Richard Owers at Beacon press

Sion Whellens at Calverts

Phil Sudwell at Park Lane Press

Ian Pauley at J&G Environmental (recycling and waste control specialists for the printing industry)

Carmine Matarazzo, Technical Director, Pantone


Thanks also to:


Nat and Guy at Airside for their advice and programming help.

Robert Stevens for developing and programming my design for this website


Paul Machin at Stratton Craig Copywriting







Caroline Clark can be contacted by email:



Lovely as a Tree was conceived, researched and designed by Caroline Clark. All information is presented in good faith and represented as supplied by the featured companies. Purchase of products and services is the sole responsibility of the site user.



Find an environmentally aware printer Find an environmentally aware printer


Chlorine is used to bleach recycled paper to make it look clean and white.

Recycled papers are usually poor quality.

Recycled paper is more expensive than virgin paper.

Find a recycled or sustainably sourced paper Find a recycled or sustainably sourced paper